Top 10 Marriage Intensive Retreats

We Rank The Best Retreats in The U.S.

Finding a really good marriage intensive in the US can be overwhelming, especially since there are so many options. Our staff here at decided to do the research for you, and discovered there are only 10 retreats really worth the price tag.

How We Do Our Rankings

The Rank My Therapist ranking system are based on an analysis of user reviews. We believe this unbiased approach makes our rankings more useful than simply providing our editors’ personal opinions.

If you didn’t already know it, the marriage intensive industry is a highly competitive one, from your typical local counseling centers to luxury weekend gateways with perks like hiking and horse back riding.

It is a relatively easy industry to enter, but a very hard one to offer a consistently great experience that by the end of the retreat, you and your spouse have experienced major healing.

With so many intensives to choose from and so many things to consider, did the dirty work for you and rated the top intensives based on real customer feedback and reviews.

Our reviews cover the very best intensives and bring you our findings. Some companies are not included in our review because quite frankly they were not rated very high by past participants.

Here are 10 standout companies that time and time again score unusually high customer satisfaction marks on this site by past couples.

1. Relationship Rescue Academy


COST TO ATTEND: $3,800 per couple for a 3-Day Retreat or $6,500 for 4-days (Lodging is included)

After researching many weekend intensives around the country, we found there is really one retreat that is truly deserving of being called the very best counseling intensive in the U.S.

We are confident that our #1 choice, Relationship Rescue Academy based on user feedback and reviews is one of the most effective programs out there.

Attendees have rated this intensive in the small, quiet Midwest city of Kokomo, Indiana extremely high. Participants are pleased with the curriculum, and have reported that their marital problems were corrected.

The main reason this company outranks almost all other intensives in the country is for starters, they receive a tremendous amount of positive reviews on far greater than any other company.

They are a uniquely tailored program, and individually designed for each couple. They provide tools and techniques that will help improve communication, intimacy and partnership.

The program is focused on several goals including teaching couples how to communicate more effectively. Your marriage counselor initially begins by learning your personal goals as a couple, and doesn’t impose a “one-size” fits all approach to counseling.

Couples can choose from two, three, or four day package retreats. The setting there is cozy, and couples have reported complete satisfaction.

The one drawback with this counseling retreat is that they are really strict and won’t accept couples who are actively involved in an affair, there is ongoing domestic violence, or severe substance abuse problems.

If one of those issues are present in your relationship don’t bother applying, they will reject your application.

Another thing about this company that we really like is the free phone or video consultation option they offer to prospective clients. This is a good way to see if their style of therapy resonate with you and your spouse before booking your retreat.

2. Marriage Quest


COST TO ATTEND: $12,000 per couple (Lodging is not included)

Located in Vermont the price to attend Marriage Quest is $12,000 per couple. Travel and accommodations is not included in the initial cost for a 3 day retreat.

Owned/operated by a husband/wife team, Israel Helfand and Cathie Helfand, have been running retreats since 1993. You get personal attention as the retreats are one-on-one based.

No matter what issues you need to address, the husband and wife team at Marriage Quest can help you reconnect with your spouse. One specialty the retreat tends to is rebuilding trust after a spouse cheats, and transitioning through different phases of marriage is another area of specialization.

The biggest complaint/drawback is the high price tag of $12,000 for 3 days. Although not every couple can afford it, if you can set aside the budget, we highly recommend it.

3. Healing Couples Marriage Retreats


COST TO ATTEND: $8,850 Per Couple (Lodging not Included)

Located in Sonoma County, California, the cost to attend Healing Couples Retreat is $8850 per couple for a 3 day retreat.

Healing Couples Retreat is one of the best couples retreat in California. Dr. Grey bases the retreat around neuroscience and focuses on teaching couples to deal with relationship stressors, to improve their relationship together. He focuses on dealing with problem areas, and finding issues most couples don’t even know they are struggling with.

He will help couples tackle the trouble spots in their marriage, and find new ways to grow and build a healthy relationship going forward. Inspiring scenery alongside a unique approach to counseling will truly inspire and help rebuild marriages.

4. The Gottman Institute


COST TO ATTEND: Situated in Orcas Island, WA, this retreat cost $7500 per couple.

The Gottman institute’s 2-day couples retreat is a top notch program that will help improve even the most divisive marriages. We have to point out that although the Gottman Institute have a really good reputation with helping really bad marriages, the retreat itself isn’t really private.

You will be there with seven other couples, which can be a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it. You will work directly with Dr. John Gottman and his wife, Julie Gottman in a small group setting at their seaside home in Orcas Island in Washington.

The cost to attend this retreat is $7500 per couple (lodging, travel and meals are not included). We believe the price tag is really fair considering that many prominent therapists across the country use John Gottman’s training materials, books and methods to help couples overcome the most challenging issues.

If you want adventure as well as a way to work on your marriage, look no further than this retreat. Hiking, great dining, walks, and other outdoor activities are abundant on the Island.

A focal point of the retreat is actually to teach couples how to enjoy vacations together, minus the irritation, the arguments, and the constant bickering most couples go through while on vacation.

The island where the retreat takes place affords a romantic setting, allowing couples to focus on their partner and to learn more about one another. An event planner works with you to hash out the details of your program stay. You should book in advance as the retreat is only offered a few times per year.

If money is tight and you cannot afford the 2-day retreat, alternatively you can attend a 2-day live Gottman workshop/seminar with your spouse.

The cost is around $799 to attend a live Gottman seminar. Generally between 200-400 people will attend a live seminar so it’s relatively less private than their weekend intensives, but the information and the exercises they’ll have you do is second to none.

5. Sedona Soul Adventures


The 3 day retreat is in Sedona, AZ. The cost is $2800 per person and doesn’t include lodging.

This organization offers so much more than couples retreats, and they are private retreats so you do get the personalized attention you deserve. A customized setting is used to help couples address themselves, and their relationship.

With several practitioners available, this is a well known and established facility. What this means is they assign people to work with you, based on their expertise, and issues you need to resolve with your marriage.

6. Marriage Rescue Associates


This program is in Charlotte, North Carolina. It costs $2795 per couple for a 3 day retreat. Lodging isn’t included in the price.

For Christian couples, the retreat is specifically designed with you in mind. And, with the picturesque setting, you are truly going to be inspired during your weekend retreat. The primary clientele includes couples who have split up, filed for divorce, or are contemplating whether or not to file for divorce, and require some professional guidance to help them make the right decision for their relationship.

The retreats can be anywhere from 3 to 5 days in length based upon the couple’s needs. The retreat encourages clients to come with an open mind, and expecting miracles to unfold when they work with the professional counselors who are going to work with them in strengthening their marriage.


7. Life Marriage Retreats


This retreat has several locations to choose from and couples can go with the small group setting or the private 1-on-1 format. The most popular of the two is the small group service that starts at $3,895. The small group setting includes a customized experience through a series of private counseling sessions.

If you are looking for a private 1-on-1 experience with no other couples there, the cost will start at $9495 for a 4 day retreat. This includes lodging, meals, and after care sessions.

This program focuses on the couple. It requests that couples look at their marriage and what they want out of it, in order for the counselors to set up a personalized retreat for each couple. So you won’t be getting a boxed plan here. It is truly custom tailored to each couple who goes to the retreat. Several locations around the country offer retreats. Couples can choose to go to: California, Utah, and Texas.

It is costly, but your retreat is all inclusive. And yes, this does include the cost of gourmet meals during your stay. For those who prefer to bring the retreat to them, the company offers an at home version as well. So this might help ease the financial cost/burden a bit for couples who need the help, and want to use this marriage counseling company for guidance and support.


8. Retrouvaille Marriage Retreats

The program cost varies based on location and duration.


Rediscovery – this is the French work from which the couple retreat program takes its name. The main goal or focal point is to help couples find the things they loved about their partner, and what originally made them fall in love with and marry that person. Communication is the main focal point of this retreat, so expect to do plenty of it. Couples are encouraged to find effective modes of communication and positive ways to speak to one another while they are at the retreat.

This retreat differs from others because it is a series. You go to one intensive weekend, followed by mini sessions over the next several months. Couples who are on the brink of separation or divorce will benefit most from this retreat.

They are a Catholic based retreat facility, meaning ministers are going to provide the services. People from all Christian denominations are welcomed to the program. You are asked to make donations, and cost will vary based upon where you go, and the duration of the ongoing sessions you attend with this program.


9. The Smalley Institute Reignite Marriage Intensive



The program is offered in many locations across the US, and costs range from $2500 to $3500 for either a two or three day weekend intensive.

This is an excellent marriage intensive retreat for christian couples whose marriages are really struggling. If you’ve tried counseling with your pastor to no avail, we suggest calling a Smalley rep to discuss the possibility of attending an intensive.

Certified coaches are available in many cities/towns across the US so availability and accessibility won’t be a major problem.

Trained Smalley coaches will work together with you and your spouse to help you learn how to stop fighting, improve connection issues and come to understand one another like you never did before.

Notable Christian Relationship Author, Jimmy Evans, have talked up this program.The focal point of this retreat is to help reconnect couples, focus on what originally brought them together and to help rebuild and to strengthen their bond as a couple.

10. The Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp


This is a program which is designed and taught by Mort Fertel. The online based course is ideal for couples who want to try a retreat at home or are simply looking for something that is a bit more affordable than the traditional retreat settings tend to be. You will receive several weekly phone consultations as a part of the program cost you pay for this service.

If you want to improve your relationship, but don’t want to have to leave the comfort of your home in order to do so, then look no further than this online based training program. There is no need to travel, and everything is done virtually with your private counseling coach and professional to work with you and help you reconnect as a couple.

A private setting is one of the main advantages of this program. For couples who do not want others to know they are going through problems you can choose this online based approach to counseling. For the couples who are in a delicate situation, are dealing with tensions in their marriage, or going through desperate situations they simply can’t work through on their own, this is a great online program to try and resolve many of those issues you are struggling with as a couple.


Ultimately, every couple is going to have different issues and struggles they are dealing with, at any point in time during their relationship and marriage. Some couples prefer a one on one, others prefer a group based approach. Some people are religious and prefer a retreat facility which focuses on religion as a starting point to rebuild their marriage.

No matter what kind of guidance or support you require,e there are a number of great counseling programs and retreats which can help you improve your marriage, and resolve those issues you are struggling with. For any couple that is looking for professional help, and wants to find a way in which they can resolve the issues and problems they are struggling through in their marriage, these are a few of the to marriage counseling facilities to consider, in an attempt to rebuild and reconnect as a married couple.

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