Marriage Intensive Retreat in Georgia

There’s a good chance that a marriage retreat can change your life. Although it’s only one or two days long, what happens at a marriage retreat in Georgia can alter the rest of your life, because it can save your marriage. Many couples who attend the retreat find that it’s a new beginning for their relationship.

When you attend a marriage intensive in GA, it’s important not to have expectations. Each experience is different at a marriage intensive. Because no two couples are the same, no two experiences are the same, and it’s important to keep an open mind as you try to find ways to renew and restore your relationship.

A Last Resort

Most people reach out for a marriage retreat in Georgia when they are in a crisis situation. They are lost and frustrated and they don’t know which way to turn. For many, the retreat is one last try to find common ground and continue in their marriage.

Fortunately, there are experts waiting to work with you. These experts have worked with many couples who have found themselves in a similar situation. They promise sympathy and understanding. They want to help you work through your differences and build your relationship.

The experience and perspective of your trained counselor can make a world of difference when it comes to addressing your marriage concerns. In addition, you can accomplish a lot in a weekend when you put aside your other commitments and distractions to focus on just your marriage. In fact, one weekend at a marriage intensive in GA can make years of difference when it comes to your marriage.

Divorce Is a Scary Word

If you’re on the fence about whether to invest your time and resources in a couples retreat, think about the divorce process. When you have children, the divorce process lasts for several months, at a minimum. You have to spend hours completing paperwork.

If there are lawyers involved, it can be even more heart wrenching. You can spend hours producing records of your assets. There are hearings, trials and other meetings over the children and other property. Allegations fly and hearts break. Although you might end up divorced by the end of this process, you rarely end up satisfied. In divorce court, you receive answers, not justice. People rarely leave divorce court feeling like things are fair.

There’s Always Hope

At some point, you loved your partner enough to marry him or her. Over time, those feelings broke down. Somewhere, though, there is hope to still find the things that made you love your spouse in the first place.

Before you call it quits for good, give our marriage retreat one last try. You have nothing to lose and a lot of things to gain. It takes courage and determination to reach out for help for your marriage. If you’re headed down the aisle of a family court, it’s worth it to try a weekend with us first.

We Take It Seriously

At our retreats, we know that you’re in a rough spot. We understand and we’re sensitive to that. We bring our energy and enthusiasm to help you tackle your problems and find new ways to problem solve in your marriage. Sometimes, you talk about whether you want to fix the problems in your marriage. Even if you do end up in divorce court, that can make the relationship more amicable. On the other hand, if you decide to patch things up, we focus on what you need to do to heal your marriage.

The Best Help, Quickly

A marriage intensive in GA is the best help for a broken marriage because it gives you time to address a lot of problems at once. It’s important to dig beneath the surface and examine what the real problems are. We’ll look at mistakes that each of you make and mistakes that you make together. We’ll also talk about cycles of arguments, so that you stop having the same argument over and over again.

Once you’ve established what the problems are, we give you concrete plans to make changes. We also help you figure out what changes need to happen first. When you’re ready to do what it takes, we’re here to help you make your marriage a respectful and affectionate one.

A Decision Point

Perhaps you can think of the retreat as your time to decide what you want. Not all relationships are worth saving. In some cases, your counselor might help you examine the situation and decide if they want to make the changes in their marriage or not. If this is you, a marriage retreat can be just as valuable.

If you do decide to end your relationship, you can do so with much more confidence. After attending our relationship weekend, if you still decide to head to divorce court, you can do that knowing that you’ve done all that you could to save your relationship. You can know that heading towards your relationship’s end is the right answer. Make a confident decision when an experienced counselor helps you examine all the options.

A Lot in a Short Period of Time

When people go on reality television weight-loss shows, they lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. That’s because the only thing that they do during the show’s filming is work on their fitness. They don’t have anything else to take away their time and attention, so years of progress happens at all once.

That what we do at your intensive marriage retreat. We spend hours digging deep. We peel back the layers.

You will be tired. You will be emotionally drained, but we keep going. Instead of talking about superficial things, we talk about the underlying problems.

When things get intense, we don’t tell you that time is up. Instead, we keep talking and working. All of this serious work can spell big gains in a short period of time. That’s the kind of progress that we celebrate. It’s much faster than waiting weeks or monthly for your next periodic appointment.

An Experience That’s Complete

At our intensive relationship weekend experience, you leave feeling fully understood. Our recommendations are complete and concrete, so you know what you need to do when you leave. We help you examine whether separation or divorce is the best option for you, or whether your relationship is one that can be saved with a great deal of work.

If you’re angry, bring those frustrations to us. If there is verbal abuse in your relationship, we can address that, too. Even affairs and emotional cheating are on the table. Is your partner only concerned with themselves? Our services are a great way to address these serious concerns.

We also address relationships that have gone into withdrawal. If you feel alone and isolated, we know what that’s like. If your sex life is suffering or non-existent, let up help.

Family concerns can be another issue. If your extended families create conflict, you can work on those problems. You might find that you have significant differences when it comes to parenting. All of these issues are things that we would love to talk about with you.

Being Healing Today

Our relationship experts have decades of experience. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about because we’ve seen it all. We know the best methods to get you back on track. Our advice is compassionate, kind and positive. Take the chance to repair your relationship and contact us today.