If you want to subscribe to a free listing, please add our Trust Badge below anywhere on your site.

This will help us eliminate spammy fake listings that aren’t real local businesses. Once you add our trust badge on your website, email us here the URL so we can verify it.

Make Sure Our Trust Badge Links Back to our site, http://RankMyTherapist.com

We will then verify that our badge is indeed on your site. Once we verify the badge on your website, your listing will go live immediately.

As long as our Trust Badge remain current on your site your listing will remain on our site for free forever. If you don’t want our Trust Badge on your site, please subscribe to a paid listing.


Here’s How to Add Our Trust Badge:

  • Step#1: Complete Your Free Listing
  • Step#2: Go to your site and upload the image below on your site (Make sure the image is clickable back to RankMyTherapist.com)
  • Step#3: Email Us your URL so we can verify the badge on your site
  • Step#4: After verification, your listing will be free FOREVER


Simply scroll down to the image below and right click on it. Save it to your desktop and then upload the image to your website.

Once you add the image below on your site, email us with the link for verification.


Cheers to you,
Rank My Therapist Staff