Strategic Vision & Mission

To facilitate the mental health process by connecting clients with highly rated, user-endorsed professionals and resources.



To be the primary resource for North Americans looking mental health professionals and/or treatment centers.



Unbiased, user-generated health professional ratings, evaluations and testimonials and timely mental health resources.


Core Principle

  • Credibility
  • Authenticity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Honesty

Why Share Your Experience

We ask that you create a verified profile on to post reviews as it would help to ensure that visitors to the site, that are searching for a reputable mental health professional, are reading authentic reviews that have been posted by real people with real profiles. Please create a short login profile (or sign in using Facebook) so that we can post your review and pass along your words of wisdom to others looking for a mental health professional. stands apart from similar services by taking active steps to ensure that reviews on our site are true, factual and unbiased. To make sure that this happens, we monitor and screen each evaluation that is posted on our site. Any flagged reviews will lead to a follow up to safeguard the authenticity of the reviews on

Why We Created This Review Platform

Deciding who to get therapy from can be a very stressful and confusing experience. That’s why was created to eliminate the stress. In today’s modern era, the Internet in many ways is the driving force behind a successful business. According to recent studies, nearly all consumers go online to research products and services before making a purchase. The vision for the company is to become the preferred portal for individuals looking for a therapist. People looking to engage the services of a licensed therapist can log on to the site and search for reputable and recommended counselors that specialize in their immediate need.

Why List Your Practice on Rank My Therapist

Let’s face it clients are going to review you anyways, you might as well make it easier for them to find you by adding our Trust Badge on your site directing them to leave you a review. Another benefit to completing a verified profile on this site is that you can learn from reviews left by former clients and find out about areas that you, yourself did not know that you were weak in. The fact is more clients than ever Google their clinicians so it’s imperative for you to establish, manage, and protect your online reputations. By creating a Free Verified Listing Here, you can track what clients are saying about your practice, and encourage clients to share their experience here.

Our Leadership Team

The leadership at is supported by a team of committed administrators, developers, sales and marketing professionals. Please feel free to contact the team regarding your query.