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Finding a good mental health professional is a difficult process. A prospective client not only has to find a professional that specializes in their particular needs but at the same time must evaluate how good they are in treating clients.

There’s a lot of information to process including their experience, educational background and licensing. In addition, it’s a good idea to find out what their previous clients think. All of the credentials in the world are irrelevant if a therapists’ clients are unhappy with their experience.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get objective and accurate information about a therapist’s experience, qualification, and level of client satisfaction. At Rank My Therapist, our goal is to make it easy. We evaluate each therapist to give you the ‘big picture’ view of their qualifications, experience, and reputation.

We rank and rate their ability in specific areas and offer the input and review of former clients. RankMyTherapist is your one-stop resource to find the best counselor in your area and for your needs.

THE RANK MY THERAPIST WAY: takes the headache out of finding a marital therapist. Our staff digs deep to evaluate therapists in a comprehensive and holistic manner. Our thorough research allows us to rank accurately and rate therapists in every state.

Rank My Therapist isn’t a glorified advertising platform for mental health professionals–our goal is to provide the qualitative information you need to find the right therapist for your needs. Of course, there’s no one better qualified to provide evaluations of a therapist than the individuals and couples that have worked with them.

We allow REAL clients to write REAL reviews. We don’t allow ‘fake’ reviews or otherwise interfere with the accuracy of the process. In fact, we screen and verify every review to make sure that they’re real clients giving an honest assessment of their experiences.


We want to give you a complete picture of every therapist’s strengths and weaknesses. To facilitate this we evaluate mental health professionals to determine how they rank in five important components of quality care:

1) EXPERIENCE: Like the old saying goes ‘there’s no substitute for experience’. This fact is definitely true when it comes to evaluating the best marital therapist for your needs. We go beyond merely looking at the chronological length of a therapists’ clinical practice–our due diligence measures the totality of their functional experience.

Our process looks at how long they’ve treated specific conditions, how long they’ve practiced in a particular city or state and any other ancillary experience relevant to their clinical expertise.

We also consider the quality of a therapists’ experience. For example, experience with acute care of certain conditions such as family and marriage counselors that work with the homeless or other ‘at risk’ populations.

The result of this evaluation enables us to provide you with an accurate picture of a therapist’s qualitative experience as well as the length of time they’ve practiced. It’s one thing to have formal academic training in a certain specialty but it’s another thing entirely to have the relevant ‘real world’ clinical experience.

2) EDUCATION: Formal academic training is the foundation for every health care professional. The best therapists have a good balance between a theoretical, educational background and practical, clinical experience.

Our team digs deep to provide an in-depth analysis of a therapist’s academic background as an integral component of our ‘Five Point Evaluation System’. Combined with our thorough evaluation of a therapist’s clinical experience you’ll have all of the information you need to find the right therapist.

A holistic evaluation of a therapist’s educational background starts with the schools he attended. It’s a simple fact that some educational institutions are just better than others. This reality is self-evident, but we go beyond the merely obvious to evaluate the school’s curriculum, as well as the therapist’s course of study.

A prestigious academic ‘brand name’ is nice, but it’s important to make sure that a professional’s course of study was sufficiently rigorous. Finally, we evaluate the academic performance of each therapist.

3) LICENSING: Licensing is more of a ‘cut and dried’ component of our ‘Five Point Evaluation System’ than the other areas of analysis but no less important. Our staff verifies that a therapist is licensed to practice in a specific state.

In addition, we look for any sanctions or other problematic issues associated with the licensing. We’ll also check for licenses held in other states along with any negative entries involved.

4) SOCIAL TRIGGERS: Another way to get an objective and honest assessment of a therapist’s clinical ability and client satisfaction is through social media. Our staff monitors the major social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter. Social media monitoring allows us to evaluate how often a therapist receives mention but the nature of the commentary.

We’ll provide an accurate account of what is being said about counseling professions, good and bad. This social media ranking shouldn’t serve as a substitute for our verified review process but does provide an additional means of evaluation to measure a therapist’s reputation in the community they serve.

5) SPECIALTIES: Above and beyond everything else, it’s crucial that a therapist has the experience and clinical background to deal with your specific needs. Our staff does the work to verify each therapist’s professional strengths and the services they offer.

We’ll determine a therapist’s experience in working with individuals, couples and families. In addition, we’ll give you all of the information you need about the counselor’s experience working in certain areas including serious conditions such as substance abuse, domestic violence, and other problematic situations.

Just finding a ‘good therapist’ is only part of the task that you face. Equally as important is identifying the ones that are the best fit for your particular set of circumstances.

While a good therapist will not hesitate to refer you elsewhere if they’re not well-versed in a particular area it’s a better idea not to be in that situation in the first place. We provide you with all of the information you need to find a good therapist with the right skills and experience to address whatever problems you might be facing.

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